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Life Coaching for Young Adults

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Five Core Principles of Life Coaching for Young Adults

Picture5At Journey Home we teach and reinforce Five Core Principles which we believe to be at the heart of what will help our young women live happy, productive lives.  These principles we believe to be critical for life coaching for young adults.

These Core Principles are:

 1. Healthy Living

  • Relationships / social interactions – how to have casual as well as deeper friendships and relationships that are healthy for both individuals.
  • Physical care and exercise – taking care of oneself physically and emotionally is some of the useful life coaching for young adults that occurs at Journey Home East.
  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual health – healthy bodies, healthy minds, this is essential for young adults to blossom into productive adults.

2. Education

  • Skills, interests, and hobbies – rather than unproductive or unhealthy habits, we provide opportunities to develop and nurture new passions and skills.
  • High school or college academics – continuing on a course of learning can provide new opportunities for students if this path is of interest to the student.
  • Vocational / career skills – we encourage everyone at Journey Home East to develop specific skills that are associated with professional opportunities.  Developing these skills through are critical aspects of life coaching for young adults.

3. Life Skills

  • life coaching for young adultsDaily accountability (chores, hygiene, cleaning, personal care) – students are required to take care of themselves and their environment.
  • Financial (budgeting, balancing check book, saving) – we provide life coaching of young adults on how to set financial goals that are at or below earnings.
  • Shopping – while fun, shopping excursions are also teachable moments to encourage sound financial planning.
  • Cooking – for themselves and for the community students cook and clean.
  • Job searching and interviewing skills – part of being successful and productive means having a job and being successful in the search is vital for finding a job that is rewarding.

4. Personal Responsibility

  • Task completion
  • Keeping commitments
  • Organization and time management

5. Social Integration

  • Positive recreational activities
  • Community service
  • Dating
  • Healthy socialization & group activities

Each student sets goals in regards to every Core Principle with the assistance of their parents and Journey Home Guides and staff.  As a student progresses towards completion of these goals, they earn greater levels of freedoms and privileges which reflect their accountability and consistency in meeting the Core Principles.  Successful completion of a student’s established goals are indicators that a student is ready to return home from our transition program for young adult girls.